Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

All chocolates used in our arrangements are Kosher certified.
As well we are under the supervision of the KLBD
The products used in the gift packages carry the supervision of one of the following Kashrut Authorities;
​Kedassia, ​Hisachdus Harabunim, Be’datz Kiryas Yoel, Eide Hacharidis, Machzikie Hadas of Antwerp, Machzikie Hadas of Manchester.

We use many ingredients in our chocolates that may include any of the following:
Milk, Nuts, Peanuts.

For allergen information and advice on a particular products please contact us.

All our chocolates except otherwise stated are Parev.

The colours of our arrangements may vary depending on available stock,

If you need an arrangement to match a specific colour, please contact us


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